Prior to joining SLP, Mr. Robertson worked for a large, international law firm as a corporate litigator. He later litigated criminal cases as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, including handling several vehicular manslaughter matters. After leaving the DA’s office to return to civil practice, Mr. Robertson represented a large automobile manufacturer on its product liability cases in Southern California involving serious injuries and fatalities. Feeling unsatisfied with representing large corporations against the individual, Mr. Robertson joined the Southern California plaintiffs’ bar to seek justice for consumers and for those injured by the negligence of others. He worked as a Senior Counsel at a large plaintiffs’ law firm in Orange County before later joining SLP. Mr. Robertson is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, one of the premiere plaintiffs’ attorney associations in the U.S. that advocates for victim’s rights and equal access to justice.

At SLP, Mr. Robertson focuses his practice on the area of consumer protection, including automobile defect litigation. In his free time, Mr. Robertson is a voluminous reader.